What can I say? I live in Tennesse on Starr Mountain.

I live in Tennessee. This is my chair.


<== This is my office chair.


I haven't found a suitable desk, yet and haven't decided on rock or wood. There's plenty of both here.


Also, there is a lot of red clay and it's really hard when dry. If it rains, though, it gets very mushy.





My John





<== This is my john......still working on the out-house.






Life in the big city. Brakes your heart.

Why did we move to Tennessee?


We once lived way down south where it's hot and flat.


This is what happens when everyone going into work jams on their brakes all at the same time.


Parking is not a problem. Finding the office is a real challenge, though.


Pardon My Politics, but.....

Wicked Witch From The West (Pelosi?)


Didn't we get rid of the wicked witch from the west?


What about Oz? How did he survive the millions of campaign contributions against him, 80% of which were out of State, 90% under $100?


Methinks there might have been some sculduggery.












No workee...have to revise this.
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Isn't this the definition of insanity?

1934 Chicago Tribune cartoon